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Need to make some room!


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I'm posting a few pics of my tank. I would like to diversify the corals a bit and clear some of the ones that I have. I only have about 7 or 8 corals but some of them are just getting a bit too much. Some are attached to Oyster Shells, some on rocks the size of baseballs and softballs. A lot of these have multiple specimens on LR. There is a Devil's Hand Leather with about 100 Gold Pally's on it, for example. I really don't want to harm them by trying to remove them from the rocks so, I would be willing to let the LR go with them. Is anyone interested in exchanging corals? Or. LR, or both? Please text me only as I won't be monitoring this site today. I am also setting up a frag tank to do future exchanges if anyone is interested? Even a fish or clam that you would like to exchange is okay, I have plenty of room for fish or clams!

I'm in Georgetown and will be home most of today and this weekend as I have quite a few appointments here.

Text me (with your name, please) at 512-818-2221.






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No anemone's. I had a huge green carpet anemone at one point but my Tuxedo urchin wandered into it and I didn't want that happening twice so, I got rid of him some years ago.

@Christyef, My tank is a 225 (72x24x30d) and I'm running all T5's; ATI bulbs from Bulk Reef Supply. Blue Plus, Coral Plus and Aqua Blue Specials. I just went back to T5 from LED about 5 months ago and things are really growing well! The coverage of T5 lighting is better per square inch than any lighting out there. Most lighting is very "directional" and T5's tend to disburse their light more evenly across the tank. My Blue Plus Bulbs stretch the entire length of the tank in the front as well as in the back (6 foot). Inside of each of the Blue Plus, I have a 48" "Coral Plus" that is centered leaving 1 foot on each end of the tank a bit darker. In the very center of the tank, I have a 48" "Hamilton Technologies" fixture with 2 "Aquablue Special" bulbs and a row of blue LED's down the very center. Again, leaving 1' on each end a bit darker. This gives me a good transition for acclimating corals or just a spot to place corals that don't need or want too much light. It's hard to kill a coral with too little light but not so with too much light.

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