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Majano eating damsel :-0


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Some of you know Stephen Keen, aka Hydro. He has a Garibaldi Damsel in his system that's eating majano anemones!!!! noexpression.gif I know! Like #$Y(&*#)@# !!!! For those of you unfamiliar with Garibaldi's they are are not normally a good choice for reef systems. They are found off the coast of California so prefer waters in the 50's and 60's and are the largest damsel reaching 15" TL. Hydro's has grown from standard LFS damsel size to over 4" in two years and seems to have acclimated well to 80 degree water. So far he's not having a problem with it eating any other corals or bothering any of his other fish although it has still to reach adult size. If anybody has any more info or tries one please post on this thread or PM me so we can get collect more info, hopefully it's not just an aberation. smile.png

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