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Plastic Storage Tanks - SOLD!

Richard L

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I though I had these sold but the deal fell through. I've got 3 inductor tanks which are perfect for keeping solutions like Kalk and saltwater suspended. Any sediment that drops out of solution collects at the bottom of the cone. Attach a small pump to that cone and you've got the ultimate saltwater mixing station or ATO tank! All tanks are food grade plastic,come with the stands and are in excellent condition. These are hard to come by because they don't sell them locally and the shipping can be just as much as the tank. Text is best 512-632-0375


I have three tanks total:

  • Tank #1 SOLD (left in pic): 55 gallon comes plumbed with a Eheim Compact 3000 (795g/m) pump and a CEPEX valve which is a high end valve that is always easy to turn.
  • Tank #2 SOLD (center in pic): 110g tank comes plumbed with an Iwaki MD-20RXT (822g/m) pump and two CEPEX valves. The pump alone cost me $220.
  • Tank #3 SOLD (right in pic): 110g tank plumbed with a CEPEX valve. No pump.
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