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Extremely Fuzzy shrooms, frogspawn, blue candy cane


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Everyone is always asking me for some of these mushrooms but they're usually on rocks I don't want to break up. I've got some on smaller rocks now. $20/2" head.


Blue tip Frogspawn (sold) $20 for the 2 (almost 4) head piece .


Green tip Frogspawn $25


Blue Candy cane. $4/head, 4 head minimum.


All photos taken early morning so especially the mushrooms aren't open all the way. You can't see that rock when they are. Still photos don't do them justice. They add a lot of movement to the tank.


Tank is in the lobby of Parmer Eye Care at 9900 W Parmer Ln. You can come by anytime during business hours to look, but call or text me at 512 nine six four 2015 to set a time if you want to purchase.

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I just checked PM's and there are a bunch of people wanting the blue CC's but they didn't text me. I generally don't get to check PM's here so you'll need to text me to reach me in any kinda quick timeframe. I had 2 people who did text and already picked up a couple fuzzies and the blue frogspawn.

The PM's were in this order:

Bobcat Reefer wants fuzzy mushrooms

mFrame wants a fuzzy and blue CC's

ceastman wants some fuzzy and blue CC's

Reybeast wants a bunch of trumpets

Emilio wants 1 fuzzy and 5 heads blue CC's.

Here's a pic of all the blue CC's I have:


I have two decent sized single fuzzy mushrooms and one little rock with 3 good ones on it left.

I'm gonna have to go by whoever texts and gets by here first to get them. I'm available off and on today, I'll be gone all day Saturday and I'll be around Sunday.


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Where are you located?

The tank is at my office:

Parmer Eye Care

9900 w Parmer Ln STE 210

Austin, TX

I live in Georgetown so I prefer to meet right before or after work (text to set a time) but I can meet at the office Sunday if needed.

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