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75 gallon Oceanic reef ready tank, stand, canopy, and custom acrylic sump

Edward Marshall

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I recently upgraded to a 180 gallon tank and need to get rid of the old 75 gallon to make room for new hardwood floors. This is a 10-year-old, classic Oceanic 75-gallon glass aquarium. It's reef ready with a corner overflow and it's in perfect condition. No scratches. Glass center brace. The stand and canopy are black and, although the stand has some cosmetic water damage, it is structurally sound and just needs a new coat of paint and some TLC. There is also a custom (Precision Marine) acrylic sump with 3 chambers and a damaged but functional Reef Octopus skimmer with a Sicce pump.

What's the catch, you ask? It's got salt water and about 100 pounds of algae and majano infested live rock and sand in it, currently cooling its heels in the dark. The rock is pretty much exhausted after 10 years but would make excellent base rock if you have the patience to dry it out and clean it up. But if you want this setup, you must come drain it and carry it all away. The whole shebang. The sooner the better. It's definitely a 2-man job.

Message me if you are interested and we will arrange a time. I am in Central Austin. The aquarium is on the ground floor of a house, but there are stairs at the front door.

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