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Red Sea Reefer 250 FULL SETUP


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Due to a major move, and limited time to be dedicated to our new tank, we will be shutting it down. We will be living part-time in Austin, and part-time in New York City.

Full system with top of the line equipment. Everything was purchased new less than 2 months ago. My loss is your gain.

Asking $2000 for the setup. Livestock / live rock will be free to whomever purchases.

Buyer will be responsible for coming and taking down the tank. I have multiple 5g jugs that will be included. I will undo the fixture from the ceiling.


2 x clowns the male is a snowflake or something, the other is a 3" female.

2 x Dragon-Face Pipefish

Various SPS colonies - nothing designer.

Green Torch

Rainbow Acan (2 heads)


1. Red Sea Reefer 250 - 55g display 10g sump. Link to setup:


2. Brand new ATI T5 6 x 39w fixture dimmable fixture with bulbs & hanging kit.

3. Bubble Magus Curve 5

4 Tunze silent return pump

5. In-sump HOB refugium

6. 2 x Jebao WP10, 1 x WP40

7. LED lighting built into the stand for illumination/macro algae growth.

I also have a VERY basic 20g QT tank setup, that will be included in the bundle.









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Oh no Brooks! Congrats on the exciting life and sad to see you shut down the tank. This is a primo setup for sure!

Thanks! We're very excited. The timing of things couldn't be worse, especially because we have to tear down a brand new system. nopity.gif

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No! Say it ain't so Brooks. I was just getting used to seeing your posts again! GLWS and good luck in NY!

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Unfortunately it is so :(

Thanks so much for the support!

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Again, need this gone by the 5th!

Parting out:

Tank, sump, stand, return, skimmer: $1100

Lights + Hanging Kit + Bulbs - $600

Powerheads - $40 for the WP40, $20/ea for the WP10s

Rock - Not sure of the exact # but its all real reef rock, purple an good to go. Purchased at $8/lb - $175

Skimmer - $125

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Could I come and take an in person look? Maybe after work today? or some time this week? I was planning on getting a Reefer 170 in June, but...if it will fit in my living room and the price is right...

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