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LOTS of SPS, Zoas, and a few LPS, even a Ricordea!

Dan H

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OK, we're fully stocked again, which means it's time to offload and make room! ARC's got first dibs before we head down to the MAAST swap May 1. I'll be going to the April Meeting so I can bring frags to that, but if you want to come look and pick out the prime-choices, we can arrange that. I'm available after 7 during the week otherwise I'm pretty much open on the weekends.

Mint Blastomussa Wellsi Colony! $200


Tyree Montipora Undata - $30 - 10 available


Ice Fire Echinata - $50-70 - 5 available


Blue Miyagi Tort - $60


Alien Eye Chalice - $10-20 - 8 7 Available (1 pending for Jim)


DaM Super Fuzzy Table Acro - $30-50 - Many available!


Orange Montipora Setosa - $20-40


DaM Pink Mille - $40 - 5 available, needs a boatload of light!


DaM Green Mille - $30 - 10 available


DaM Titanium - $30 - 5 available


Orange Ricordea Florida - $10 Pending for ShawnM


Orange center zoas - $20


Neon Green Pocillopora - $20 Pending for Jim


Purple Death Paly - $20-40


Pink with gold zoas - $20


Jason Fox Toxic Acculeus - $30-50


Blue Montipora Digitata - $10 Pending for Jim


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Hey Dan,

Just wanted to share how well the undata is doing that I picked up from you in late March. It has nearly covered the entire plug and it looks like it is very happy.

For the most part, the other's are doing well also. The Ice Fire Echinata is the only one struggling... poor guy's been knocked down, kicked around, broken off his frag plug .... twice... all-in-all just not too happy - but he's been moved to a safer place now - in another tank and I'm seeing some of this polyps coming back out again.


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That's too bad about the Echinata. It's somewhat more sensitive so being knocked around certainly isn't going to make it happy. Hopefully his new home makes it thrive. Don't be surprised when in a few months you're looking back at that undata going how the heck did it get this big?! It's a diesel... Once it picks up steam, it really starts going fast.

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Yea I am a little sad that the Echinata's gotten thrashed like it has. My own fault mostly. It was doing well down in the sandbed for a couple of weeks, then the snails started giving it a hard time, then the emerald crab, then my clumsy hands while trying to get it wedged in on my rockwork, then my clumsy hands again after the first time didn't work. Like I said... it has been moved and hopefully it's got a better home till it really starts to grow into its own.

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