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Easy to maintain 30 gallon mini reef tank.

30 gallon half moon tank and stand
Fluval 305 with plumbing
clamp on 150 metal halide
40# Hawaiian black live sand
30-40# live rock
Many Mushroom corals
XL hairy mushrooms 10+
Bright Red Mushrooms 6+
Fuzzy Green Mushrooms 15+
Superman Rodactis Mushrooms 4+
Watermelon mushroom 5+
blow pop zoanthids 30+
9'' gorgonian 1
small acan colony 10 heads
many blue mushrooms 10
green cabbage leather 1
Fire Shrimp 1
Harlequin Shrimp 1
mint green mushroom leather small 1
small neon green mushroom leather 1
small bit of GSP
yellow xmas worm 1
2 orange with green center ricordea mushroom
3 headed frogspawn
black urchin
2 headed torch coral
1 lg headed paly

This tank has been up and running for about 2 years with only one fish.

$650 is my asking price OBO. could be willing to part out if there are enough offers.

If you are interested in the Gold nugget clownfish pm me.... I may be willing to sell her.




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