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225g Starfire Glass w/ Stainless Steel Stand! Sold!

Richard L

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Many of you have seen this epic tank in person:


Well, were making a move and unfortunately this tank will not be coming with us. Everything about this setup is awesome:

  • Custom made by Dutch Aquarium Systems
  • Starfire glass on 3 sides.
  • 72" wide, 24" deep and 30" tall and approx 225 gallons.
  • Dual corner overflows
  • Super clean black silicone seals. No ugly corner beads of silcone so cleaning glass is easy.
  • Custom stainless steel stand w/ no annoying center brace
  • Custom plexiglass sump with two filter socks and two bubble traps

Here's a pic of just the tank and stand:


Pic of sump:


Pic of everything together before the cabinetry was added:


Just to be clear the decorative cabinetry is not included. Just the tank, stand, sump and connective plumbing. Because of timing I need this tank gone in the next couple of weeks and therefore I'm pricing it very low to move quickly. $750 gets it!

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Moving a couple miles away into something shiny and newer. Going to use this opportunity to take a little break. I'm sure I'll be jumping back into the hobby soon though. Mark Callahan is coming in to film one final show this week. I'll post a link to it on my build thread.

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