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DIY 48" LED Light fixture for sale!


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This is my own design that i've run on my tank for 4 years. There is enough light to grow SPS like Valida, birds nest, and green slimer, that's all I have tried in that area, but my softies do fine too. It is constructed of 5 aluminum U-channel pieces, 42 cree LEDs, 3 individual dimmers, and a Typhon LED controller. I attached a white cover to the front but that can be removed. The LEDs run barely cool to the touch, no fan needed in an open top situation. I have included a diagram of the LEDs. There are two legs that hold the fixture up above the tank, and it is height adjustable.

Note that while this light is bright, there is room to grow as well. There is space in the fixture and a 4th channel on the controller that's not even in use. So if you wanted to add more of a certain color, it's easily done.

Total cost to build was $600 with the controller. I replaced the controller a few months ago, so you are getting a basically brand new one.

Price is $250 but I will entertain offers

More photos coming soon



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Note that some of the lights are off because one of my channels is dimming down for the day, it's at 10% and the lights turn off at 14%.


This photo was taken with all lights at 100%


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