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29G biocube plus extras for sale - full setup


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I have a 29g biocube that is approximately 1 year old (bought fathers day last year) for sale. I have the tank (in perfect condition), stand, hydor koralia 1, about 45lbs of liverock, 20lbs livesand, oceanic skimmer, sapphire skimmer, stealth heater, timer controlled power strip, 2 clowns (one true perc, one oscellaris), a bi color pseudochromis, cleaner shrimp, sand sifter star, 2 emerald crabs, various snails and smaller starfish. I also have a small hammer coral, a medium sized (large for this tank) green palythoa, and a nice rhodactis with about 5 large animals on one rock. I also have various small zoa's and a small toadstool leather.

In addition to the above I have various food, cleaning supplies (magnetic cleaner etc) plus five 5 gallon water containers (for transporting water.

I have easily invested well over $1500 into the setup. I am moving soon and need to sell the tank as I will not be able to move it. I am asking $700.

If interested please contact me at:

[email protected] or [email protected]

Tank is in excellent shape and working perfectly. I widened the outlet from chamber 1 to 2 in the back and took the bioballs out (i do have them and they are brand new if you want them).


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