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LIGHTS & STAND need to go


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im about to move out of my apartment and need these gone. i have a

-48" 265w power compact light setup 2x65w daylights 2x65w actinic

4 LEDs. there are 3 seperate plugs powering the lights. one of the LEDs is out. i used these for around 6-7 months before i got my new setup. asking $90 OBO.

-stand for 55g aquarium. 48Lx15.5wx23t

$40 OBO.





Both items are OBO..make me an offer an ill take it!

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yeah it was nice meeting you too! thanks again for the great deal, its gonna work out perfectly for us. we aren't gonna have the tank put up until around the 7th of july because we're moving into a new apartment, and its gonna go up that day. thanks again though, great deal!

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