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First saltwater setup


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This is my first attempt at a saltwater thank. I finally set up my little tank, and given it goes well over the next few months i will set up the bigger tank. Also, i am looking for some more corals pm me with what you have and prices. Thanks.


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Well as i said this is my first one so im running it sumpless.

I have:

2 hydor koralia power heads

Jaebo wave maker

Remora s hob skimmer with upgraded pump

200w heater

75 gallon hob filter that contains media and other stuff

36" fluva pro 2.0 leds

50 or so lbs of live rock

I have

firefish purple and red

Clowns ( some sort of black tip or black fin cant remember what he called them)

Royal gramma

Coral banded shrimp

Fire shrimp

Various cuc

For corla i have all lps or soft

Various mushrooms



Frog spond



Pink xenia in sandbed

Various types of zoas

Toadstool leather

Trumpet corals

I dont remember what else right now, but i really do love it. I would like to try a small frag of sps, but im scared i will kill it.

All corals seem to be doing well. They are eating and plumping up well.

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I like the rock structure. If you're going to adventure into the SPS world, you should consider starting with a Montipora. Generally they are a bit easier and can survive in less light. I'd suggest that you may not have enough light to keep acros yet.

How long has it been running? How big?

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And thanks for they kind words ty. Im worried it looks like a pile of rocks. Haha.

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All scapes start as a conglomeration of rocks, its when you add the corals that the whole structure brings on an organic form. The form you used is a great start and will only get better as the corals grow out. The caves are beneficial for our finned friends as well and I'm sure they appreciate it.

Your scape is 10x better than my scape on my first tank easily. [emoji106]

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