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*SOLD*Apex system


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Apex Gold system (Base unit, Display, EB8 energy bar, Lab grade PH probe, Lab grade ORP probe, Lab grade temp probe, Lab grade conductivity probe, PM2 module(salinity)), WXM Module, AWM Module, LSM Module w/5 LED string of lights, Breakout box, DOS system w/2 extra heads, Apex probe holder, Automatic feeder.

List prices:
Apex Gold $799.99
WXM Module (to wirelessly control EcoTech Vortech and EcoSmart pumps) $124.95
AWM Module (to wirelessly control AI Vega and Hydra lights) $124.95
LSM Module w/5 LED string $59.95
Breakout box $39.95
Apex probe holder $39.95
AFS Automatic Feeding System $99.95
DOS system $299.95
Total: $1589.64

Probes should probably be replaced.

Willing to accept $900.00

I do have the ability to take credit cards, chipped credit cards, Apple Pay, and other NFC payment methods.


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