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Green algae?


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So I have noticed that I appear to have what I think is green algae growing on my rocks (see pics). The tank is about 2 months old and I am due for a water change on Friday. 2 weeks ago I started adding trace minerals to help with coral growth and I am in the process of removing the crushed coral substrate a little bit each week. Could that have caused the algae?

So far this is what I have done or will do:

1. Turn my protein skimmer up higher

2. Turned off my t5 lights for today

3. Will not add any trace elements

4. Use my long-handled scrubber to clean off parts of the rock

5. Then do a 10% water change.





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Just part of a young tank. All of those things you mentioned should help it not get out of control but your tank is going to go through some ugly phases just like everyone else's at the beginning. Just ride it out and wait for your tank to stabilize while continuing your maintenance regiment.

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Film algae is definitely normal. Realistically, white rocks in a reef tank are not going to stay white for long no matter the tank. This type of film algae is normal even in well maintained tanks.

Not sure what you're adding, but I wouldn't be messing with additives at this stage of a tank's progression. Water changes and feeding fish give coral all the nutrients they need until you have so many that they are stripping the tank trying to grow. I'd focus on keeping a good maintenance routine and keeping parameters as stable as possible.

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