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215 Gallon almost scratch less ( no lights )


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215 Gallon. Complete System with out lights. Almost scratch less! , only about 1-2 scratches.

Comes with

-40 gallon sump

- Super Reef Octopus 3000 skimmer

- 2X Jebao wp40

- Return Pump

- Clip On refugium light

- Lots of Real Reef Purple Rock

** I made PVC support on the tank to make the floating island. If you don't like the floating island then simple take apart the PVC.3021d329c0f9e45e209ab6d96e95fa52.jpgfe6b0a0aeaeffc0b255138da425950ba.jpg2baf76fb5b354fab77a4ff82ed4e8f30.jpg

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