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Want to buy all your unloved corals/random scrap frags


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Hey all, I'm looking to change up the scenery in my tank. Let me know what you have available and don't want! I have a 29 gallon as well as a 3 gallon I'd love to take any scrap frags for! I'm literally open to anything, so don't be afraid to post :)

Also if you have a meat/doughnut coral available let me know, that's the one piece I know I want

If anyone's interetsed I'm trying to clear out some stuff from my tank, just let me know if any of this sounds appealing:

Purple mushroom colony (20ish)

A couple acan frags

Big daddy rainbow acan colony


2 headed frogspawn

Pagoda cup

6inch clam shell (RIP) covered in cool star polyps

Thanks for reading!


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