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SOLD150 Gallon Custom A.G.E. Frag Tank, 75 Gallon Sump, Metal Stand, etc...


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Hey everyone,

I've decided to sell my 150 gallon frag tank I had built by A.G.E. in Dallas to my specs.

The tank is 60x36x16" ~ 150 gallons. It has two panes in Starphire glass, the other normal glass and the last is blacked out. It has a large external overflow as well with 3 drains and 2 returns.

The bottom is made out of PVC and the top is steel rimmed.

I just don't keep up with the tank, and truthfully only use the tank to QT new inverts and coral for 30 days until they go into the display. The original idea was to make the tank a grow out tank, but I'm not interested in that and would rather just have a small frag tank just for a short QT.

I do not want to run two large tanks and also recently downgraded my QT tank setup as well.

Along with the tank I'll include:
75 Gallon Sump
Black Steel Stand
3 Black Box Dimmable 165 watt LED fixtures and hangers

I'm keeping the skimmer, ATO and powerheads.

You can read about the build here:




The retail on the tank was over $2,000 alone, not including the stand, sump, and lights.

I'd like $1,250 for it... if anyone is interested just let me know, but I did give a good friend the option to take it first.

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Friend decided to pass because he couldn't shoehorn it in smile.png

So the tank is openly available.

Incredible setup. If I had room I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Yeah it's not small... if I really had my heart into coral, it would be amazing for me. I've kind of turned the corner on the big tank, just wanting pretty coral and not worrying about the rarity of it. I'll leave rare for fish... I even debated keeping it for a rare eel tank, but I'd actually rather make that room less of a fish room.

Farmer out! I don't need a divorce in my future! [emoji12]

... but if you sold a ton more coral you'd be able to supplement any ill feelings with gifts!

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