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Couple mushrooms and ricordeas for sale, will add a couple zoas later. Can do pickups in Buda during the week and Saturday or out in Lake Travis area on Sunday. Interested in trades for sticks and zoas as well so let me know. Thanks.


1. Gumdrop mushroom - wysiwyg - $40 - SOLD, looks to be splitting into two mushrooms
2. Metallic Orange mushroom - single mushroom of equal size not pictured(gets small green streaks in lower light) - $10 - SOLD
3. Rainbow Ricordea - wysiwyg, not on a plug at this time - $20 - SOLD
4. Bright Orange Ricordea - wysiwyg - $15 - SOLD
5. Blue speckled Mushroom - single polyp wysiwyg would cut the shroom to the left of the number - $10 - SOLD

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