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High End 125g Starfire Tank For Sale


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Hey Guys,

My wife and I have been making some big decisions lately. Mainly that we want to move into a bigger house and start a family. To alleviate moving pressures I want to sale my tank. Don't worry, I'll be keeping a Solana nano to feed my reefing urge until I get settled back down again.

125 gallon AGE tank with low iron (starfire) glass. Tank has a euro brace and the dimensions are 72x18x22. Tank also has a 4' calflow. Similar to this graphic:


Stand and Canopy are made out our Liptus wood. Very nice dark finish.


Flow is provided by (3) Tunze 6100 streams and tunze wavebox all on a multicontroller.

Skimmer is a deltec 701p.


Sump was designed and built by kingfish.

Calcium Reactor was designed and built by Ace. Single 2' tall chamber. Run by an American Marine Pinpoint pH Controller.


Return is a Mag 12.

Chiller is a Pacific Coast CL-650 1/4HP.


Lighting: (2) 400 watt Metal Halides on a PFO HQI ballast and (2) 57" T5 atinics

Live stock:

Blonde Naso Tang

Blue Tang

Yellow Tang

Pyramid Butterfly

Golden Dwarf Moray Eel

couple Chromis



Lots of nice SPS coral. A few LPS, zoos, ricordea.


I'll provide a more complete list of livestock once my Solana is in full swing.

Whats not included:

I am going to move a couple prized SPS pieces into my solana as well as my clown fish/anemone and clams. Also I will keeping my RO unit and trash cans.

Asking Price $7000 - Im not parting out at this time, please don't ask me to hold anything. No dibbs.

I'm located at Mopac and Duval in north Austin. Please send me a PM if you would like to schedule a time to see the setup. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have. :)

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Very great to hear about yall's plans.

Also a little sad to see you selling your reef. It's a very gorgeous setup.

My tank has just cycled and I'm finally ready for livestock. Hope to get it as nice as your 125.

Good luck with yalls plans and good luck on the sell!

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