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Return flow & sump plumbing questions


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Where should I place the return?

New tank is a 75g (24x18x21). I'm going to drill a hole for the return, and I'm looking for suggestions on exactly where to place it. There will be 2 overflows, one at either end. I have a bulkhead, loc-line, Y-split, CPR Eductor. Koralia 3rd Gen powerhead is the blue triangle, and that will angle towards the front-ish of the tank. Aquascape goal will be for the visual flow of the tank to be right to left. Return line will have a check valve. I do have a Koralia controller as well.

My preferred set up would be Red 2 w/ the eductor pointed left behind the scape, flare pointed up for surface agitation. Downside there is in catastrophic failure being so far from breaking the siphon. That said, this tank should only be around for about 3 years and has all new parts, so what is the chance of everything, including the check valve, failing?

To keep flow right to left but be a little safer, Red 1 would be an option.

Should the return flow go opposite the powerhead? Green 3 or 4? Other thoughts/ideas/suggestions?


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OK, I think now that I've laid this out, I've answered my own question(s)...which was:

1) to hard plumb or just use vinyl tubing

2) to use a union or no

So, I think in an effort to save space, the answer is no union, vinyl tubing.

Next question: Use both bulkheads or just one?


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I would never use a check valve, I've seen too many of them fail over the years. An antisiphon hole is easy enough to drill in the plumbing just just at the water line, angle it so it's pointed down into the water. I would use vinyl tubing, makes working on the plumbing in hte future much easier and it generally eliminates some of the back pressure caused by pvc elbows.

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