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**Reduced**65 reef ready, 14 biocube, 30 marineland or trade


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I am hoping to get all of this sold by Friday 1/29 so make me an offer. If you take all of it I will sell it for $900 $800, essentially giving you the biocube and 30 gallon hospital tank. Send me a message and I can send additional photos tonight if interested. I am located in Cedar Park in Twin Creeks.

Make me an offer, trade something, barter, whatever I just want to get the space in the garage. 65 gallon Sold

65 gallon DSA rimless glass tank, with solid stand, return pump, 40 gallon sump, and 36" Current USA 4 bulb T5. Was up and running 6 months ago. I planned on moving from my small 29 gallon all in one to this when we moved into our new house but time and a god location has changed my mind. I am selling this tank is for $400, exactly what I paid for it and what I think is a good deal. It need to be cleaned with vinegar before use.

14 gallon Biocube - Everything needed to set up and run again. Added night lights, and holes for circulation fans but never got around to adding the fans. $100 $80

30 Gallon freshwater or hospital tank set up $35

Come take them both for $100!

29 Gallon Sold

29 gallon acrylic Finnex All in One complete system. Up and running with the following;
AI Prime Light
2 nano power heads
Magnetic refugium light
30+ pounds of rock
Live sand
Maroon Clown Fish
Yasha Goby
Yellow Candy Hog Fish
Pistol Shrimp
Sexy Shrimp (Not sure how many any more)

Variety of mushroom corals
variety or zoas
pulsing xenia (sorry)
various other soft corals
Various sea fans
Original lights
Tank has been great and up and running for almost 2 years now. It is easy to break down and set up in just an hour or so on each side. I can assist in breaking it down. I think a fair price is $500 $400 but I am negotiable



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