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Free pair of DaVinci Clownfish


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Hey everyone!

I am giving away my pair of DaVinci clowns

They are in great health and were purchased very small(~1 year ago), they have developed well and eat anything(fresh, frozen, pellets). They are a mated pair, and I have not seen them spawn to date. They were replaced by a GSM pair and I have had them in the sump for ~1 month and I just want them to go to a good home. They are too pretty a pair of fish to keep in a sump.

If you want to bring a frag as a kind gesture I wouldn't say no ;-)

video from my phone uploaded here: http://www.resolutionhealing.com/zhorne/videos/20151128_201148.mp4

PM me if interested, I would prefer to give them away to someone who can pick them up tonight after 5pm. I live in Round Rock.


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