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New sale items, new stock, 10% everything!

Cultivated Reef

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Hello fellow reefers!

Do you have cabin fever? Tired of all the snow and cold weather? Ready for some tropical goodness? Well your in luck! We just placed a ton of gorgeous coral on sale. Much more then usual amount.
Click here for the full on sale listing...
Plus we are offering a additional 10% off all coral and inverts. That is on top of any sale prices. Simply enter the coupon code CABINFEVER in your shopping cart to get an additional 10% off your purchase.
Plus we just added a bunch of really cool new coral. To view all our new products click this link below...
And finally what post would be complete without some eye candy for you. Some of our new offerings smile.png
Grafted Cap frags...
Gorgeous and rare Carlgreni mushrooms
$65 Ultra Rock Anemones plus 10% off wink.png
Thanks for looking now go get yourself some anti winter goodness!
Cultivated Reef
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