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Aussie Acan Lovers


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Hello My Fellow ARC Members,

I had purchased several types of Aussie acans frags, during my trip to Austin Aqua Farms in March 2008... one being a frag of the, 'Pink Heart'. Since I have been concentrating on reducing nutrient levels, this guy is NOT HAPPY... ;)

There are 4 full heads; 3 newbies developing along the outer edge, since purchase... :)

Asking Price: $80.00 [Paid $160, $40.00, per head]

Location: Austin/Pflugerville

Payment: Cash or PayPal + 4% fee

Shipping: At Buyers expense.

Trades: Will consider.

My attempts to take pictures have failed, due to its location in my tank. So, I have attached an image that were taken from Danny's site, at the time of purchase and before the web design change.


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Hey Starfire,

I probably didn't word it very well, but I meant to put this in DBlackman's acan thread. He had a note at the bottom that said that he would consider trades, so I was asking if he would be interested in a trade for my nuclear greens and darth maul frags.

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