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Water change / mixing brute + 55 gal drum


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Got a new mixing station, ready to move out the old unused.

44 gallon gray brute trash can w/ lid and dolly. I have two, but only want to sell one. One of the dollies has a wheel that occasionally comes off, but the can is still stable. $40 for combo w/ broken wheel, $50 for combo with good dolly.

44gal brute can w/ lid, but no dolly $25

55gallon blue drum. Got this off craigslist and never used it. Cleaned with muriatic acid, then a soak with baking soda water. Should be clean and ready to use. Lid does not come off, but has 2 bung holes. $25

Pretty standard stuff. Can post pics this afternoon if needed.

Pick up in Georgetown nights or weekends. Or I can bring to work in the arboretum area m-f.

PM is best.

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