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Jedi Mind Trick frag


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I cut more frags, 15 frags! Roughly 1.5" size.

I am letting them heal for a few weeks before pickup. I will schedule a pickup in Cedar Park for sometime Saturday Jan. 9th or 16th with a 2 hour window, as well as a week day lunch time you can pickup in North Austin at Steck and Mopac at my work. I will post times once we get closer and I know my schedule better. Trying to not have to meet people at 15 different times.

I had many people inquire but please confirm you want a frag so I can track?

1. Chato





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Yes, they are now healed, starting to get their purplish edges and are ready to go.

Text is key and number is in original post above.

Some added pics of the available frags.

First come first served. I will only hold frags for 24 hrs for pick up and then they become available again, need to clear out feat rack space...



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