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Frag and hardware sale

wesley Daniels

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I have some frags and items available I am located in cedar park please text me as I do not get my PMs right away 818-472-3421.


1. Overflow box it's good for 75 gallon $40 4414085afeaf47044a08f2faa6a5d1cf.jpg

2. I have 5 hydro 1150 gph for sale $15 each 45c3aad3f537dfd3d157f9f2b3b0179e.jpg

3. Feather duster rock has 5 feather duster on it selling 407db82f1663ca006499989e3b2d5665b3.jpg

4. Zoa frags $10 each 69d3646257ca355d8f874144574d36a1.jpg

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