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LarryD's New tank (planning stages)


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Well my move is over and I start the new job on Monday and so it is time to start planning the next tank.

My plan is to get one of Innovative Marines new 25gallon lagoons which I am leaning towards doing a more minimalist patch reef scape with it.

For equipment I have

Ns-80 protein skimmer

Neotherm heater

AI prime

As for the live stock I have not really settled on anything in particular other than the fact that I am thinking of trying a couple mangroves in the back other things I have considered are as follows (this is by no means a list of what I would be getting or a have to have list)


Clown nem pair


Non euphyllia lps

I am wanting to stay away from things that need really high flow because in my ten gallon the large grain sand just looked out of place so I want to use a smaller grain size maybe even an oolite. I also know that the single prime won't really be enough for the tank so I am contemplating either another prime or perhaps a radion. I moved to Yuma so while I know the t5 hybrids are very popular I am concerned about heat. I am planning to get an apex at some point but have not decided if I will do so before I set the tank up or after.

I am sure I am forgetting things but this is still the planning stages, so if anyone has suggestions I am as always open to them. I am not dead set on any of the things that have been stated other than I like the form factor of the IM lagoons so I am going for that kind of shallow square footprint in whatever tank I go for.

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