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Complete 80 gal freshwater setup $750


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I am getting out of the hobby. I don’t have the time, money, or space anymore. I am looking to sell this as a complete setup only. It is an 80 gallon tank with a stand. There is a wooden top as well, but I don’t have it on there right now.

80 Gallon tank

Stand w/top

Aqua Euro USA 1/4hp Chiller

Circulation pump (Sicce Voyager)

Current USA freshwater plus LED. 48” w/remote

SunSun canister filter HW303B

TMC Fluidized Sand Bed Filter model 600

SunSun power head for the FSB filter

ViaAqua Titanium 200w digital heater

Red tail shark

Bulldog Plecostomus

6 neon tetras

4 Siamese Algae Eaters

10-15 Green Lantern Platys

Bamboo shrimp

2 Amano shrimp

Several Red Cherry Shrimp

A couple of Olive Nerite Snails

A bunch of plants.

I’m looking for $750 OBO. 512-229-5763c704206620b19294a95827556926475a.jpg2b9b851fde30ce6ef5ca8a97e2db3b24.jpgec6fbb81e703d7c759da420c40694d12.jpgafee476a47467a729ae30be6681360b3.jpg5239b3a8671e605243d0dafdc996abef.jpg85ae5036e4a91dd59d61ff17973db52a.jpgeedff9eebb82ffc42109ceefff1157b0.jpg99d79c3ba49e393e37e3ca3944189b97.jpg

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Still have the set up. I've decided that I would be willing to sell it without the chiller. I put the chiller on there because I live in a mobile home and in the summer, I couldn't keep the temps low enough. I realize that most people don't have that issue. So, I would be willing to sell the complete setup, minus the chiller, for $450.00

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