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Hello from North Austin!


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Hi all!

Just joined but have been lurking for a month or so. So here is my story...originally from Louisiana and been maintaining reef aquariums for about 8 years now. Was a member of reef clubs such as this one back in Louisiana so I am pretty familiar with how to navigate the site and whatnot.

I have 3 aquariums, though none are running now, a 65 gallon, a 55 gallon, and a 12 gallon nano. I have been reluctant to get them back up and running as I rented an apartment upon moving here and having to move them is never fun. Though now my lease has about 6 months left and I am considering purchasing a home, if I do I am definitely setting up at least the 65 gallon back up.

Anyway, in my time lurking I found that you all have a great community here on ARC and hopefully I can contribute to the discussions.


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