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I can almost guarantee you no ones going to give you $10,000 for a 90 g system.

Id, either seriously lower your price or start parting it out.

I don't even think my system could sell for $10,000 and I have waaay more invested.

Just a thought.....

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It's also a fact that when you sell the system as a whole package, you get even less. Most hardware seems to get about 50% of retail once it's used (except certain items like Apex controllers, LED's). But if you keep it all in a whole system package, you probably get about half of that! So you're talking maybe 25% of the original cost at best. Think about how many people are sitting around with that kind of cash just waiting to drop it on a used system?

When we sold our 125 back in the day, we had about $15K in it, and I think we maybe got $2K after selling everything, and we parted it out!

I bet you I couldn't even get $5k if I sold my 240 today as a whole system even though I have documented every last cent of hardware and it's well past $25k now with top of the line everything!

Unfortunately this hobby is just like every other hobby - It's a money pit. And nobody will pay remotely close to retail for used equipment.

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Well fact of the matter is the numbers seem a little off too. I would love to see these receipts totaling to 18k. I just can't see it.

Tank new is max $2000 with stand. And there I'm being very generous.

Sump is $350

Light is 500

Mp10 is 600 for the two.

Apex at full retail is 900 if it's gold with all the bells

Skimmer lets just say 300

Let's assume a sicce return pump HF10 (which is enough flow to blow the water out of the tank) 300

For a grand total retail new of $4950

I cant see $13,000 worth of fish, coral, rock and misc items.

Realistically maybe $1400 if he can find a buyer.

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Reburn. You struggle to see what's not right in front of you or in this case typed out. The light has controller and mounting kit and was $700. Without getting into every item there is way way more than what was typed. The apex with all modules was 1300. This also included my rodi, the container system, water change system, my return pump is a Vectra so that's $350, then you have all the chiller and dosing system and little things and redundancies. I have a saltwater app that tracks everything down to the penny as well as purchase location and condition. I stopped using it when I got my apex (before the Vectra and a few other items) and that is when it was at the price I said. Thanks for your concern tho. We all know how valued your opinion is. Happy new year!

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