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Fish Export Visit Pt.1

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Had an opportunity to visit some exporters in the Philippines recently. Went to visit family and just couldn't resist searching for fish.

With over 7000 islands, the Philippines has a vast amount of reef habitat.

It had been too long since the last visit so I had to see all the kinfolk first. This was my G-ride for the short trips, classic jeepney. It's basically a taxi for 20 people.

Spent a couple days taking in some culture, hit the local markets...

tried some curious looking fruits (like durian).

Made a quick run to Subic Bay. I thought you could just jump in any shore and see fish. Not the case, we usually had to find and hire a local with a banca boat to take us to a small island where the fish were. Fortunately, there was always someone available for a small fee.

Not many corals in this spot, but some cool fish. Black Leopard Wrasses, Flameback Angels, Lawnmower Blennies, Tassled Filefish, etc.

This little dude was one of the boat helpers, he was a natural in the water.

He managed to catch a new pet and found an old coke bottle for it.

Had to run to Manila to meet the exporters. Manila traffic is notorious for its congestion, it's just crazy. You can occasionally spot trucks transporting fish.

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I have some shaky video of Gigas clams in Alaminos City. The reef was damaged there from the recent typhoon and tourist traffic. Bleaching has already started on the acros there, so the reef wasn't fantastic.

I hear Palawan and Boracay are gorgeous. My father-in-law has shown me some of his diving videos from Balicasag and Apo Reef, healthy reefs there.

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Awesome. The sand, water, and landscapes in Palawan are the most beautiful in the world. Literally its been voted by many travel write ups as the nicest beach in the world.

But Ive heard Boracay reefs have been damaged by tourism by 90%. Good news is theres a lot of people artificially building them back up using propogation methods thatve been successful before.

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