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150 watt DE 20k Radiums for sale


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i just bought 2 brand new 150 watt 20k DE Radium bulbs from ebay for $91 each and $10 shipping to replace my 14k phoenix bulbs. they arrived yesterday (friday) and when i connected them, one was 10k and the other was 20k. there was a huge difference. the 10k was yellow and the 20k is as light blue as my 14k phoenix exactly. (all the fish stay under the radium lit side-weird!) i contacted the person from ebay and he apologized profusely, he said he would ship be out another 20k and pay for the return shipping on the 10k which is ok he also said that it would turn more blue when they burned in. if anyone wants to buy these brand new bulbs (together) i will sell let you have them for $135 (when the other one gets here). that is over $55 less than what i paid. and i can ship and charge just what it cost to ship, i have the wrapping. paypal is ok.

the reason i was replacing my 3 month old phoenix bulbs is because they are to bright for my shallow tank....i think, so i was going to go with 20ks because they are more dim but that was not the case. i am going to buy XM 20k.

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