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10-Gallon Desktop Nano Aquarium System With all the Tailor Made Fixins


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Product(s) Synopsis - Innovative Marine’ s 10-gallon, Nano Fusion desktop aquarium with all the necessary hardware accessories/components (no livestock included) one will need to create any captive marine environment. Whether your desired aquarium will house fish only, a mixed reef or be SPS dominant, this well-designed aquarium coupled with the plethora of well-planned (from the standpoints of both form and function) aftermarket components I’ve since procured, you will have the capability to pour your vision into its 10 gallon, square foot footprint, stir accordingly and enjoy its realization.

Brief Tank Biography - I purchased this tank and most of the “aftermarket” gear for it 9 months ago and set it up as a micro, Indo-Pacific, SPS/LPS mixed reef biotope after roughly a month of cycling. It was very successful as such and facilitated the flourishing of the following fish and inverts for 7-8 months: a pair of black ocellaris clowns, blood shrimp, red Fromia starfish, coco worm, an Acropora colony (my best guess at species would be either an A. nobilis or an A. formosa), frogspawn colony, an eagle-eye zoanthid colony, Pocillopora damicornis (not present at the time the photo was taken) and a Montipora dilitata (also not present at the time the photo was taken). All the livestock, including those inverts on the above list that are considered difficult to keep, both survived and thrived in the aquarium until the electrical breaker in my room tripped about a month ago, cutting the power to my room and went undiscovered by me for about 24 hours while I was away. The clowns were all that could be rehabilitated.

Reason I’m selling - I have 4 other (larger) aquariums in my home and decided that this eventuality seemed a good cue to liquidate my load a bit and really focus on 2-3 tanks with different biotopes instead of trying to barely keep my head above water with the workload investment required to baby 5 aquariums simultaneously.

Details of Items Included in this Offering (all items are less than 9 months old excepting the AI Nano Led which is ~18 months old…I have the original packaging for everything except the aquarium itself and the LED fixture, the receipts for most of the items and the manufacturer instructions for everything):

1.10 gallon “Nuvo Fusion” aquarium by Innovative Marine:

· 6mm High Clarity Low Iron Glass - absolutely no scratches!

· Mesh Screen Top with Clips

· Built-in Overflow

· Rubber Leveling Mat

· - Removable 3 Stage Filter Baskets

· - 8W 110v/60Hz 13-92 GPH Return Pump

· Includes: Flexible hose and return elbows with Directional Flow Nozzles

· Tank Dimensions - Length 12” Width: 15” Height: 13” (the display footprint is 12”x12”, those 3 extra inches in the back of the aquarium provide the room for a two-baffle, three-chamber “sump” of sorts for filtration as well as the return pump).

· Warranty has 3 months remaining

2.1 Aqua Illumination Nano LED Lighting System – White :

· ~18 months since purchased

· Adjustable black mounting arm included

· I love this light’s power, functionality, spectral characteristics, and chic design, but given that lighting is a somewhat personal affair for individual aquarists as well as the fact that reproducing all the tech specs and features would be unwieldy here, I’ve included a google search term (as this forum disallows links) that will take you to a product performance-and-features description as well as one that will direct you to hobbyist reviews of the fixture so you can evaluate the fixture by your own criteria.

· Tech specs and features can be found by typing or copying and pasting, “Aqua Illumination Nano LED Module | The Aquarium Solution” into google and clicking on the first search result.

· Hobbyist review/s can be found by typing or copying and pasting, “AI Nano LED review: good things can exist in small packages” and clicking on the first search result.

3.1 Innovative Marine “Ghost” Protein Skimmer – Model 7204:

· Designed specifically to fit in the middle baffle of the 10-gallon Nuvo Fusion aquarium (plug and play with no water level adjustments or space considerations to account for).

· Adjustable cup height

· Nearly silent operation

· Adjustable air valve to control how much skimmate is being generated.

· Needle wheel impeller.

· Bubble plate diffuser.

· Rated up to 40 gallons and using a mere 6.5W of power to drive its 158 gallon-per-hour pump.

4.1 Tunze Osmolator Nano (Model 3152) – Float Switch, Pump, Sensor, Tubing and Power Supply Included:

· An auto top off is a necessity on a 10-gallon tank to prevent wild salinity swings as well as to prevent the return pump from running dry and failing. Tunze’s name speaks for itself and their nano ATO’s precise calibration keeps you water level from fluctuating any more than a few millimeters.

5.2 Sicce Voyager Nano Powerheads:

· I tried a multitude of different powerheads for circulation in this tank before finding the Voyager nano and all of them were either WAY too powerful for such a compact aquarium and therefore blew sand all over the place while blasting corals too heavily, or were too big and detracted away the tank’s inhabitants. These powerheads, however, are of the perfect size and flow characteristics for this setup.

· At roughly the size of an egg and only consuming 3W of power, these powerheads each deliver 530 gallons per hour.

· Over 2 years left on the manufacturer’s warranty.

6.1 Sicce Wave Surfer Controller:

· This is the perfect way to implement the full potential of the ideal powerhead for this tank and thereby enable the flow within the system to function brilliantly no matter what your flow requirements are.

· Easy to program for trouble free operation without computers or power controllers

· Create multiple currents from different directions

· Feeding Mode - temporarily suspend flow for 4 minutes during feeding time

· Night Mode - 8 hour program to simulate less water movement typical of night currents

· Alternate or Synchronous flow mode

· Compatible with any recirculation and stream pump up to 100 watts total for each of the two outlets

· Waterproof cable connection for added safety

7.1 Cobalt Aquatics, 150W Submersible Aquarium Heater:

· Cobalt Neo-Therm heaters have a very low profile to fit into smaller spaces (ideal for a nano aquarium), and can be fully submerged at any angle. The Neo-Therm heaters will never shatter. BRS tauts that they’ve even hit these heaters with a hammer multiple times, and they still performed flawlessly.

· Easy to set "One Touch" control

· Advanced electronic thermostat - Accurate to ±0.5ºF

· LED Display - shows the Set Temp and Tank Temp simultaneously

· Set temperature range from 66ºF up to 96ºF

8.Odds and Ends:

· 1 Innovative Marine Spinstream Gadget – Attaches to the return inlet to the display and rotates 360 degrees to create continuously varied instead of laminar currents

· 1 analog Hamilton timer with two outlets, programmable to 15 min. intervals for controlling lighting and or powerheads.

· 1 “Two Little Fishes” magnetic, nano glass cleaner. If they made one of these big enough to use on my ¾” glass, I’d happily throw out my Mag-Float. It’s a fantastic little doodad.

Brass Tacks – I’m selling this as a complete system. Everything that’s included has a well-planned reason behind its being included that directly pertains to this particular system. While the light, ATO and (maybe) the powerheads could of course be cannibalized and used on other systems, they’re put to superb use here as the right hardware for this particular setup. Again, all but the light were purchased within the last 9 months, everything is still under warranty and I have the manufacturer’s packaging and manuals for all but the light (and I don’t have the box for tank itself). Using the current (not including the whole Black Friday sale thing going on right now) MSRPs for all the included equipment taken from BRS, Marine Depot and Amazon, would total to $906.00 altogether. Given how meticulously maintained and relatively new everything is, I will happily, but firmly, take $400.00. I’m happy to deliver and even assist in setting the system up for free if those services are so desired.

Contact Info: I can be reached via phone or text at (512)775-9062 or emailed at [email protected]





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