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75 gallon reef tank


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I am going to be moving soon, so I am thinking of downsizing to a 40 cube a buddy has,

75 gallon oceanic glass tank. Reef Ready.

oceanic oak trim stand

Custom plumbing for sump/refugium

Custom sump with refugium (contains rock rubble, razor calurpa, chaeto, miracle mud)

ehiem return pump

customized seacloneskimmer for in sump, with new pump( works great)

2 AC powerheads

4 bulb T-5 light setup from sunlight supply, with geisman aquablues, and ATI super Actinics.

large uv sterilizer

lots of additives, and fish food to trow in

lots of rock rubble in the sump

approx 100 lbs of Live rock (all very purple, and lots of sponges, and feather dusters)

aprox 100 lbs live sand

tons of nassarius, nerite, cerith snails

3 mexican turbos

1 florida fighting conch

10 blue leg hermits

5 scarlet reef hermits

2 emerald crabs

1 yellowheaded sleeper goby

1 lawnmower blenny

neon green star polyps

white star polyps

lots of various shrooms

zooanthids and palys ( greens, orange, pink centers, etc)

a cool looking leather

pom pom zenia

and prolly some other stuff I cant think of right now.

oh yeah, light timers, power strip, 250 watt stealth heater, refugium light, seaweed clip, carbon bags, thing of carbon, bag of phospate remover, all sorts of odds and ends parts.

looking for $850 OBO

Will not part out.

Pics can be seen here

http://maast.org/forums/showthread.php? ... post605211

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