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Let's all welcome new Premium Sponsor, Coral Cove!


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Let's all take a moment to welcome new sponsor, Coral Cove! Hannah and her husband opened their store and then quickly began traveling nationwide to shows and frag swaps to share their love of the hobby with others. They grow their own corals in store and frag their mother colonies in house. Here's a brief intro from Hannah:

My husband and I opened the store in April 2013, along with our little helper who is now 3. We recently relocated to a store better suited to focusing on corals. We will begin carrying fish again January 2016, but with our main focus being corals. We have over 2,000 frags in stock and typically have around 50 colonies as well. The majority of our frags our grown and fragged in our store. Our website is active and will allow customers to shop online and have corals shipped to them or pick them up in store. We also sell premixed saltwater (using Red Sea Coral Pro Salt for $1.25/gallon), dry goods, Zen Reef Products, and a very wide variety of frozen foods.

We hope to talk with everyone over the coming months!! If you have any questions or are ever in search of something feel free to reach out =]

Let's all take a moment to welcome Hannah, her husband, and Coral Cove to the ARC family!

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