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Dosing equipment and supplies from my 500g tank


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I have the following items from the dosing setup. I also have a DOS but it is broken and I am waiting on warranty to let me know what is up there. Maybe I will have a brand new one to sell!

1. Three (3) BRS 1.1 ML/minute pumps $45 Each

2. One BRS 50 ML/minute pump $55


3. Custom Acrylic three part storage tank. With holes for your pump inlets and lids drilled for fittings (I had more luck without the fittings). I paid Hobogato $150 for this. Looking for $80.



4. Large storage containers for pre mixed solution. These work great for filling half way or so and shaking after adding the chemical then storing for however long. They are food safe and have only ever been used for 2 part storage. $10 each OBO


5. Chemicals in 5 gallon buckets from BRS

Soda Ash 2/3 full $35

Calcium Chloride Half+ full $30

Kalkwasser Almost Full $40

Magnesium Chloride 2/3 $35

Magnesium Sulfate 2/3 $35

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