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400 ish lbs of live rock VERY NICE


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I have all the rock from my tank I am converting to fresh water. I have roughly the following:

300 lbs of nice rock from the tank $4.50 a lb

100 lb of rock in the sump $3.50 a lb.

You can see in the pictures that is is very nice and there are structures etc etc. Not sure what nice rock goes for these days other then it is $9 a lb on live aquaria even with their current free shipping. This rock is very nice, fresh from the tank and has decent color. It is also made into some nice structures if you wanted to get a whole pile.

The sump rock is available now, the tank rock is not.

For the tank rock pickup is is Martindale, TX on Dec 12th preferably in the morning. to reserve some rock we will do the same as with the livestock, 10% down via paypal [email protected]






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