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BLACK FRIDAY 25% off starts now!!!

Cultivated Reef

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Greetings all,

If you have been holding out for Black Friday deals then wait no longer. This is the biggest sale we have ever offered on our entire inventory of coral! It simply does not get any better then this!! 25% off all our coral! Simply enter the code BF25% in your shopping cart and 25% taken off every coral you purchase.
Examples of the possibilities...
25% off Space Invaders Pectinia!
25% off CR's Beach Bum Montipora!
25% off Fruit Loops!
25% off all our frag packs!
In addition, you still will benefit from our TIER discount program that offers you savings based on your total purchase price. For example a purchase of $150 receives an instant refund of $15 off your order. An order of $250 receives an instant refund of $35 off your order. $350 earns you $65 off and $450 earns you $100 off. TIER discounts are automatically applied during the checkout process and are calculated after all other discounts.
Our BLACK FRIDAY sale will last until the end of the month so even though you have a little time to decide what you want don't wait to long since our stock is limited.
Thanks for looking,
Cultivated Reef
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