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40b low tech planted + livestock


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Price drop

Hey All (Mike, let me know if a complete FW system should be somewhere else),

I've got a 40 breeder set up that I'm ready to give up. It's in excellent shape, inhabitants are in excellent health, I'm just not interested in fresh water anymore :-/


Male and female Golden Ram Dwarf Cichlid

Prehistoric Dragon Goby 7"

Yellow BN Pleco

6 Neon Tetra

African Dwarf Frog

Dwarf Pea Puffer

2 large mystery snails

25 ghost shrimp


Amazon Sword that's getting huge

Java Fern that's about to drop a bunch of babies

2 Brown Wendtii Cryp

1 Curly Bamboo stalk, emergent

2 straight bamboo stalks

3" of pool filter sand (the Goby frequently has his way with the sand, it's dramatically contoured all around the tank


40b, a couple months old

Rena Filstar L, brand new impeller and all seals. I made a DIY PVC return because the filter is too strong for this size of tank, turned it into a whirlpool. It's perfect now.

Homemade Remote Control RGBW LED. Plenty of light for the current plants, everything is growing very well.

Driftwood, lava rock, holey rock, caves, slate, etc.

Also have a brand new Seachem 3 pack fert starter kit.

$200 $100 for everything.

If it doesn't sell I'll take the fish back to LFS for credit and drill the tank for SW, so open to selling just livestock I guess.

Tank is overfiltered and understocked so I never have nutrient problems. 6c37a66d8cb8b88a4e3dc43908465d47.jpge53cb00909eeb1882d4464ef54b3f8c5.jpg93f97daa3f4eacd0628099f7e41f5282.jpg42cdc028040b1364d885cb7d15423487.jpg86693abd775d7a36528398f279c33390.jpg

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I'm taking the whole kit into an LFS for trade in on Sunday when I get back into town. We've already arranged the credit value and I'm using it to get an RO/DI and some other miscellaneous. Sorry for not updating sooner.

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