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140g FW complete set-up, including livestock


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Well, the time has come. Brace yourselves :)

Complete set-up for sale:


- 140g

- all glass, not drilled (it's been a FW set up)

- 48x24x29, a little over a year and half old, ordered from River City

- medium oak trim

- tank can be drilled

- glass tops

Canopy & Stand

- light oak

- furniture quality, custom made

- I'm the second owner and have had it for a little over a year and a half

- canopy has 2 doors on front, and the entire top is hinged to lift up

- 2 large doors beneath w/child safety locks

- floored with all-weather removable carpet mat

- this stand IS drilled, it was previously used for a SW setup


- Fluval FX5 filter

- dual air pump connected to two long air stones that run along the sides of the tank

- natural gravel mix

- 6+ small live plants

- 5+ large decorative plants

- assorted medium rocks

- 4+ large pieces sinking African bogwood

- Coral life UV sterilizer 18w, installed inside canopy

- Aquaclear 70 powerhead (runs the UV sterilizer)

- Powerstrip w/digital timer, mounted inside cabinet on back wall

- custom made background, resembles multi-color natural slate tile

- glass thermometer

- magnet cleaner

- 2 black Stealth heaters

- 36” lighting

- 5 small round spot lights installed in canopy for optional evening lighting patterns


- One (1) proven pair of Blue Diamond discus, no peppering (with their favorite breeding rock)

- Three (3) large discus, 2 red turquoise and 1 blue turquoise, no peppering

- One (1) F0 medium wild blue Heckel discus, bright blue coloration

- One (1) large white leucistic discus, no peppering, pure white with black eyes

- One (1) Delhezi birchir, about 6”

- One (1) rare platinum Senegalus bircir, about 4”

- One (1) large Adonis pleco, L-155

- One (1) small Leopard pleco, L-114

An enormous amount of work and detail has gone into the aquascaping of the tank. The tank itself has a very natural look to it; all fishes have been adequate room to set-up territories and safe retreats. Caves and secluded areas were designed in a way that you can see the fish and they don’t disappear never to be seen again. Plants have been used to hide the majority of in tank equipment. It is a soft water tank with regular water changes using RO/DI water. It truly is a beautiful, centerpiece display tank which is why I’d like to first offer the entire set-up as a package even though I’m guessing it is a long shot someone will need a whole set-up. All the equipment is in excellent, clean condition and all livestock is happy and healthy. All the discus as well as the Adonis pleco are incredibly social, always at the front of the tank watching what is going on in the room and begging for food :D ; The birchirs come out regularly at feeding times so you truly can observe and enjoy all the fish.

I’m very attached to all my fish and consider them my pets. I can give a detailed description of their personalities, pecking order, favorite foods and general diet if you’d like that much detail :)

Because it is a large tank, the water parameters are incredibly stable. The huge filter and UV sterilizer keep the water crystal clean. Even though I hear that discus are incredibly sensitive, my water changes only happen about once every week to two weeks and I’ve not seen any adverse effects. And it certainly does not stop the blue pair from spawning.

The reason the tank is being sold is because I need to lessen the amount of time I spend maintaining all my tanks and increase the time I have with my children. It’s time to venture into more activities and hobbies, perhaps even get a puppy, who knows. I will still have one or two smaller tanks so I’m not getting out of the hobby entirely ;) … just downsizing.

* Package price for the entire system is $2000. Almost half the price is attributed to the exceptional livestock. The remaining amount covers tank, stand, canopy, and equipment.

* A 15% discount will be given on entire package if the buyer is 1) A fellow club member of any of the following: Hill Country Cichlid Club (HCCC), Marine Aquarists Association of South Texas (MAAST), Austin Reef Club (ARC), or Dallas/Fort Worth Marine Aquarium Society (DFWMAS), or 2) An employee at any of my regular Austin fishing spots – River City Aquariums, AquaTek, Aquadome, or Horizon Pets. (I’ve got to show love and support the local LFS’s)

*Not parting out yet (discount only applies if entire set-up is purchased)

*Pics on the way!

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Update! :D

Now selling separately.

- The tank, stand, canopy, equipment, accessories $965

- The livestock have been priced separately.

See Austin Craigslist for most recent information.

Thanks! :rofl:

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Update! :lol:

Now selling separately.

- The tank, stand, canopy, equipment, accessories $965

- The livestock have been priced separately.

See Austin Craigslist for most recent information.

Thanks! :whistle:


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