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My tank just crashed....


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Oh no! Do water changes and some carbon. Remove anything that is dying or beyond saving before it adds to the nutrient problem and compounds the issue.

Once it's up and rocking again, I'll replace anything you lost that you got from me Liz! Sorry for the rotten luck!

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Sorry to hear! It seems sometimes like it only takes a few hours of power loss and corals are fatally damaged. This reminds me that I need to invest in some power backups sooner rather than later. I hope you don't lose much.

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The AC unit went out. It went out earlier this week and everything was ok. Then it went out again and this time caused the breakers to trip. All the parameters came back in check. All the fish are ok. Only snails that made it were the nassarius. Ty, your fungia plate, cupcake, is pulling through :) small wins.

Water change and removed all lost causes. Carbon is running. Gonna change the filter floss out a couple times after it's run for a bit.

Also lost a loach from the freshwater tank... Thank goodness the discus can handle the heat.

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These are some shots of what I am trying to save. The things that were not completely bleached.

The softies, nem, and fish are doing well smile.png

The fungia plate, cupcake, is there just for Ty tongue.png

Warning. This post may include some graphic images.




Candy Canes and Rainbow Rhodactis


Cupcake, the fungia plate is ok :)


Aaaand here's a pretty rainbow acan!


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