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Pesky Zoas inhibiting your SPS Farm? Buy my FoxFace! $20


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I was torn on the pricing for this guy, as over the past year he's easily eaten $500+ of zoas, but I just never realized it.

I always thought it was just xenia taking over the space in the trough. Well now that he is in the tank I got to see him first hand. Dropped in some new zoa colonies last night and immediately he ate about $40 in polyps.


He won't eat blue palys, just expensive pretty zoas.

I'll try to get a pic tonight, but he looks like a 1 spot foxface ~4-5"

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Probably the first one I've ever heard of that eats coral.

Yeah, I had no idea. My "tank" has been a 110gal black water trough for the past year and I bought this guy to help battle bryopsis I had going on. I never really was able to observe the fish very well, he always hung out with the Clowns. But my lovely zoas collection dwindled to 0, as my Xenia and Blue Paly collection skyrocketed since I wasn't really messing with the "tank" much.

Finally got the 185 set up and put everyone in.

Bought a few colonies of zoas to start my collection running and dropped them in. A few minutes later I saw him over messing with them. I just figured he was cleaning algae off from in-between the polyps. Thought about it for a second and realized the tank I got them from doesn't have algae problems so I watched him a little closer. CHOMP CHOMP. Polyps GONE. Couple scrambled eggs, couple rastas, and an utter chaos or two.

He's lucky I didn't fling him across the room once I got him in the net.



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Alright, buyer hasn't contacted me to setup time to pick up.

Back on the market!

If it's not sold this weekend it will be taken to a random LFS and then you guys will be playing Russian Roulette with your FoxFace purchases locally.


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