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150 gallon and 30 gallon half moon complete tanks


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I have two saltwater aquariums for sale;

150 gallon 48"x24"31"

Eshopps overflow

Mag 12 return pump

Bubble Magnus curve 5 protein skimmer

eshopps sump with dual overflow holes

Turbo twist 9v uv sterilizer

Solid wood stand recently painted grey

48" dual 150w metal halide lights by coralife (moon lights do not work or p/c)

Koralia 9 power head

Everything here is in great working condition except the halides however they put out plenty of light.

Asking $1000obo

The other is a 30 gallon half moon tank for mainly seahorses or a small reef tank. Will need to upgrade light if that's what you plan to do. Will come with fluval 305 filter. koralia 2 power head, small led light and heater & 40# of live black sand .

Asking $300obo






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