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Reefkeeper Lite Sale

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Marine Depot has an exclusive sale on now for the Reefkeeper lite basic + the SL1 Expansion Unit w/ FREE pH Probe from Digital Aquatics w/ free shipping and no tax.

Package contents: 1 x RKL Head Unit

1 x PC4 - Power Controller 4

1 x SL1 (pH, ORP, temp, and 2 x switch inputs)

1 x Digital Aquatics iTemp Temperature Probe

1 x (FREE) DA pH probe

1 x SID - System Interface Device

1 x Programming Coupler

6 x Mounting screws

So if you have been wanting to get into a basic expandable controller with a standard pH probe, I don not think you will find a better deal anywhere right now for under $200. Apex doesn't offer Jr with a pH probe but does come with Net built in. Right now the pH probe was more important than the net. But I plan to add Net soon You can expand this unit to handle most anything a single tank would require including the Net modules for another $119 up the road, and still comes out a little cheaper than Apex Jr @ $365 for Net and pH probe. Neither of them come with WIFI modules but I hear the WIFI game bridge can get either of them onto the router Via WIFI


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This is a super attractive price point. I've been looking into getting a dedicated temperature and PH controller for my FW planted tank to control the co2 and heater, but honestly, those two units would cost more than a reefkeeper brand new. This may be in my future.

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