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New Stock @ RCA 04-24-08

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Hey Everyone,

We got in a couple nice saltwater orders this week.

Angel Asufer

Angel Bicolor

Angel Coral Beauty

Angel Half Black

Angel Cream

Angel Flame

Angel Lemon Peel

Anthias Bartletts

Butterfly Pearlscale

Blenny Lawnmower

Butterfly Singapore

Butterfly Copperband

Clown Fire

Clown Goldstripe Maroon

Clown ocellaris

Clown percula

Clown Pink Skunk


Anthias Purple Queen

Goby Green Mandarin

Damsel Green Chromis

Damsel Yellow Tail Blue

Blenny Bicolor

Blenny Black Sailfin

Goby Bumble Bee

Goby Orange Spot

Goby Purple Firefish

Grouper Panther

Lionfish Volitan

Puffer Porcupine

Rabbitfish Magnificent Foxface

Rabbitfish Orangespot

Tang Sailfin

Tang Naso Hawaiian

Tang Blue Hippo

Tang Clown

Tang Powder Brown

Seahorse Tank Raise Black Stripe

Stingray Cortez

Shrimp Skunk Cleaner

Shrimp Coral Banded

Crab Emerald Green

Puffer Dogface

Shrimp Fire

Shrimp Peppermint

Snapper Emperor

Squirrel Fish Big Eye Red

Cardinal Pajama

Rabbitfish Scribbled

Tang Blue Hippo LRG

Tang Chocolate

Anthias Ruby

Tang Orange Shoulder

Tang Purple

Tang Yellow MED

Tang Vlamingi LRG

Tang Vlamingi sm

Tang Yellow LRG

Triger Niger MLG

Trigger Blue Jaw – nice male

Trigger Clown

Rabbitfish Foxface

Trigger Niger

Wrasse Debilius Fairy

Wrasse Dragon LRG

Wrasse Fourline

Wrasse Leopard Black

Harlequin Tusk

Wrasse Mexican Saddle

Wrasse Sixline

As always we have a TON of clean-up crew and well over 250 corals to choose from.

Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

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