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hey yall, long time no see.

i need to empty everything. i got accepted to wuhan university in central china. now i have to raise funds to pay for it. as i will not be using any of this stuff for years might as well put it to use.

tanks, 10, 20, 30 & 30 gal long tanks

stands for just about all of em most are over under style

a have 2 boxes of fish equipment.

filters, fluidized bed filters, undergavel filters, NO lights of all sizes, decorations, etc

im not looking to make a lot, but i need to 1, empty the garage space to store more important stuff and 2, trying to raise whatever funds i can.

i also have other non reef stuff

2 sets of golf clubs

rc trainer airplane w controller & bucket of RC extras (motors, chargers, cables, etc)

text books, many textbooks used at TX state for freshman classes.

512 809 2348


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Congratulations! My high school classmate went to Wuhan University and it's a great place to live and study. I'd hook you up with her but lost contact a couple of years ago :). Anyway, if it's your first time going to China and like to get some general information, I'd be glad to help you out. I'm from Beijing originally and am going back in August for the Olympics.

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