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Petco petition

Robb in Austin

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Howdy all,

A current discussion on RC about Petco stocking anemones and clams got this going.

Go here and maybe we can change their mind;


I've not seen any clams yet but I've seen some nems recently. Took all I had

not to buy them.


I also posted this on MAAST.

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I appreciate the effort but IMO you have to go after the consumer or the supplier (the guy taking it out of the water). Going after the middle man is a waste of time. If Petco isn't supplying it, then a LFS will in conditions that are not much better (if at all). Bottom line is you need to make the item (regardless of what it is) too expensive or illegal to collect, and/or to expensive or illegal to buy. Trying to make a middle man company feel bad about making a profit is not likely to work.

I'm for making it illegal to collect (or at least import into the USA). It will limit what we can buy and drive prices up, but it will also make mass aquaculturing viable which it really isn't right now.

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