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Co2 tank refill where?


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We've used both places, but sometimes, the Beer place runs out of CO2, and they don't completely fill the bottle when they do.

Austin Air Gas is about the same price or less I think...and they will always fill it completely full.

(In my experience).

Safety Tips (you may already be aware, but just in case):

Be VERY careful transporting a filled bottle! -- Never let anything impact the valve assembly.

NEVER leave it inside a vehicle for very long. - they can/do explode if rapid temp change hits.(Hot car in the sun).

Go directly home with it once filled.

Do not let it EVER fall over as the entire (soft brass) valve assembly is designed to break off, and then the bottle

becomes an instant RPG. ie: You set it in the seat next to you , without strapping it down, and make a hard right turn and it impacts the door, --> it WILL kill you as it projects your bodily remains out the driver side window.

I worked in a welding shop for 4 years. I witnessed an Oxygen bottle go through 2 walls off a (heavy gauge)

metal building and impale itself into a pickup truck door after it fell over (while being chained into a carrier)

and the gauge assembly snapped off the valve assembly when it hit the concrete shop floor.

Luckily no-one was killed but I hear that others have not been so lucky.

Best to strap it down real good in the trunk (car) or bed (pickup) or buy/install a valve guard for the top of the bottle,

or hopefully get the type of bottle (Coca Cola vendor style) that has integral valve guard/carrying handle to prevent

"fallover-rocketeer syndrome".

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Thank you. Very good info. I will build a small rig to hold the tank so it won't fall over during the drive home

I am aware of the co2 warning, but you just remind me again something that I totally forgot

(transportation of the tank)


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